From Gail finucan

In 2013 I relocated to Bellingham, WA, from Fresno, CA, to be near my grandson Nathan. Here it is two years later, and he has been joined by Thomas, age 2 and Helena Claire, age 2 mos. I also have two more grandkids in Sao Paulo, Brazil, who are moving to NYC in July.
At the last reunion, I had just graduated with a Masters in Nurse Practitioner. After 7 years working, I am currently retired, don’t know if I want to go back to being a nurse practitioner with medicine in the mess it is. I think there are a couple other Knights up here, too. Looking forward to the big 5-0 in 2018!

Mike VanDeWalker

To get things started…

Left Anaheim for Oregon in October of ’69 and have been based in Oregon ever since. I drove truck for 20 years running 11 Western and Texas. I quit driving in ’91 and went to work for myself. Still working for myself doing web site design and photography. (Shameless plug… visit my website).

Married for what seems to be all of my life. 18 years on the first one and still going since 1990 on the second. I have one son from my first marriage.

That’s enough for now. Email is on my website. or use the contact link here on the site.


Laura Heusinkveld Miller

I left Sunny California after KHS for Central College, Pella, Iowa. After my freshman year I married my zoology teacher’s assistant and stayed married for the next 22 years. We had two children, now 34 and 32 and one grand child. After being a stay at home Mom for seven years, I worked the next 10 years at Clearview Manor Nursing Home, mostly as an activities director. I went back to school in 1989 to study at Iowa School of Natural Therapeutics. I’ve been a massage therapist ever since. I divorced my first husband in 1992 and happily remarried in 1994. My hobbies include gardening, yoga, reading, traveling, and bicycling. I look forward to seeing you all at the reunion.

Earl Haase

The long and the short of it.
Married in ‘77. Still married. Moved to Lynn county Oregon a year or two later. Lived the good life on a mountain top without electricity or phone for a couple of years until Earl the Younger came along in ’81 and we had power and phone installed then celebrated with an omelet party with fresh eggs from our own chickens and 10 yr old wine. Earl was followed by the twins Cameron and Christa in ‘83. Stayed on the hill until ‘91 when we moved to the Caribbean. Been here since.

Nancy Copeland Walsh

Hi there,

I am still her in O.C!!
I am divorced now living in Fullerton. I work in the HealthCare Field and an a new “Oma”, which is German for Grandmother. Kayla is almost 9 months old and is family live in Nevada. Eric, my eldest is a Tatoo Artist.
I had coffee with some of the graduates last month and we are planning to get together again soon. Great fun reliving H.S.

All for now,
Hope to hear from you.


Jeff Carvlin

After graduation I worked a while longer as an electrician,which I was doing all during high school, then went to Fullerton Jr. College studying Radio broadcasting. I spent 4 years in the Air Force as a Policeman and broadcaster.
Finished my BA @ CalState Full.
Married with one child(now 34) for 8 years. Currently on 2nd marriage(for 21 yrs)with two children.
Work for PennySaver as Advertising Consultant.

Christine Keyes Stoughton

I have a daughter,Laurie, and 2 sons, Nate and Jeff.Laurie’s a mom and teacher,the boys are both in the National Guard. Nate’s in Iraq. Jeff’s building a fence at the Mexican border.My husband of 35 years,Sam, retired from the Gas Co.I work at At&tT as a technician.In Feb 2005,we lost our home of 27 years in Silverado in a huge rock slide.You may have read about it in the news;the girl next door was killed.We live with my wheelchair-bound mom now. I’m sleeping in the same bedroom I grew up in!